repair Shop

Our service center in Bad Nauheim has a large, professionally equipped pedelec and e-scooter repair shop. In addition, we have set up an in-house battery lab, where every TranzX battery and charger can be tested safely under various conditions. Highly experienced technicians evaluate the problems at hand and even the most challenging situations are handled if possible. The in-depth knowledge of our technicians on all TranzX systems and the easily available spare parts make targeted problem analyses and subsequent bike repairs a breeze.

Our workshop offers:

  • Comprehensive error analysis

  • Replacement / repair of parts on the complete bike

  • Check / repair of individual parts (e.g. motor)

  • Repair / check of batteries & chargers in our in-house battery lab

  • Scooter repairs

  • Test rides of bicycles and scooters

  • Support for repairs and troubleshooting via telephone

  • Online desktop remote support (via Anydesk) directly to your PC

In case of high demand/workload in your repair shop, our trained specialists at JD Europe Components GmbH will also be happy to repair your pedelecs or e-scooters. Our service team is always happy to receive your inquiries and will provide you with a fast, friendly and competent solution for any request.

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With LogiX, all important bike data and specifications can be conveniently read out via the PC if needed, with the pedelec simply being connected to the PC via USB cable. The LogiX Diagnostic Software, which is required for handling LogiX systems, then enables simple and fast fault diagnosis and rectification.

The LogiX Line is raising e-mobility systems to the highest threshold in diagnostics, power and performance. Superior motor performance is monitored steadily and automatically through a variety of checking mechanisms – supported by continuous system read-outs and immediate error detection. Based on leading CANbus (Controller Area Network) technology, LogiX uses fewer cables, provide a higher data transmission speed than the standard I2C bus, is less susceptible to system break downs, and ensures extendibility and system openness trough multi-host architecture. E-Bike servicing and assembly are easier, and parameters such as assistance ratio and the AGT (Automatic Gear Transmission) can simply be adjusted.