With around 4000 employees worldwide in the JD Group, we have been living the topic of pedelecs, e-scooters and high-quality bicycle components since 1986.

The modern TranzX Service Center in Bad Nauheim, near Frankfurt am Main, was dedicated end of 2013. The building complex offers a  total area of over 3,000 square meters and houses offices for technical support and administration, a professionally equipped repairshop, and storage areas with an extensive warehouse  for spare parts. This ensures efficient logistics to quickly optimize the flow of goods and minimize delivery times. The service center area also has a battery testing center to test under various conditions.
The service center has a multi-level technical support system with experienced multilingual staff
, providing telephone support for our customers with extensively trained technicians who pride themselves to be able to solve the most difficult problems. An advanced claim handling system ensures fast and accurate warranty processing which simplifies the process  of ordering or pacing a complaint for the customer.

In case of high demand, the trained specialists of JD Europe Components GmbH will be happy to take over the repair of your pedelecs or e-scooters. Our service team is looking forward to assist you with a fast, friendly and competent solution for every concern.  

The Dropper Post YSI15GL from JD Components wins an award at Eurobike 2021.


Citybug Scooter ES102 was certified in Germany.


The E-Scooter Citybug2 receives the ISPO Gold Winner-Award.


The E-Scooter Citybug2 receives the iF Design Award.


JD Europe Components GmbH Service Center moves to Salinenstraße 52 in Bad Nauheim, Germany.


JD Components GmbH wins the Gold Award at Eurobike 2011 with the AGT system (Automatic Gear Shifting System).


JD Components GmbH wins the Gold Award at Eurobike 2009 with the Eagle Bike. The innovative design becomes a trendsetter for a completely new type of e-bike: The compact class.


JD expands and opens the first European office in Germany - JD Europe Components GmbH.


Market launch of the TranzX e-bike system.


Introduction of the first lightweight, foldable pedal scooter.


JD launches the TranzX brand of bicycle components and successfully distributes the brand worldwide.


Gino Tsai and Tina Lin found JD Components Co. Ltd. as a manufacturer of bicycle aluminum components..