If you have questions or problems with your components or items purchased from us, we are happy to help. Write us an email or call us -  in case of high demand at our repair facility’s, our trained staff can take over the repair of your pedelec or scooter.
Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten


Our employees have been with the company for years and are therefore already familiar with many concerns and problems and can help quickly and effectively.

Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten

ModerN Software

Thanks to our up-to-date software, we are able to access all your data, orders and invoices at a glance and thus process requests quickly and easily.

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Trained workshop staff

If the staff on the service phone are unable to help you, you will be connected to a repair shop employee who, thanks to our in-house training, has a broad & in-depth knowledge of all our products and can certainly help you.

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